This is a buy now and tune later deal. What that means is that since tuning generates better results when performed when your ambient temps are above well above 60 degrees Fahenheit. So by you purchasing this discounted ($25 off) package, It puts you in line on a prepaid waiting list for our Victory 106" professional remote  tuning service. Once your temps reach desired level, you notify us and we place you in the que for the next available tuning service. This list will take priority over any new or recent tunings purchased during our peak tuning season.


This is a Remote Tuning Package that consists of a full remote tuning service on Victory 106" motorcycles utilizing a DirectLink License and our equipment. This service includes us sending equipment that gets temporarily installed onto your bike for the service. Once the service is completed remotely, the equipment is removed from your bike and ALL is sent back to us. NOTHING TO KEEP EXCEPT YOUR PROFFESIONALLY TUNED BIKE.


Actual Tuning will begin as early as February 2022


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