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HOH-505: Easily outperforming any other low-mid range aftermarket cam profile available for Victory Freedom motors, we're proud to offer our newest cam profile, the Lloyd'z Signature Cams! The LSC cams are a direct replacement drop-in cam profile and require no valve spring or head modifications, typically offering 16-18 additional peak hp.


All PERFORMANCE AND TUNING products are intended for off-road/track purposes only.


HOH-501: With incredible power increases for stock compression 106" motors, these are our drop in cams that require no valve spring or head modifications for '09-up models, typically yielding gains of 16-18 peak hp. For maximum benefit a good performance exhaust and fuel controller are highly recommended.


HOH-504: Our High Performance Touring Cam is our preferred cam profile for Vision models, and can also be used on Cross Country models for riders that are looking for more high-end power than our Drop-In cams offer, typically yielding gains of 18-24 peak hp. To fit this cam, your Cam Carriers and Rear Carrier's Exhaust Rocker will need to be clearanced.

Lloydz Cams

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