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Eliminate the periodic Oxygen Sensor Check Engine light on the 2016-2017 Victory Motorcycles.

The Optimizer is Basically a resistor that plugs in line to trick the heater sensors and keeps the check engine light from coming on your Victory Motorcycle when removing the O2 sensors.

Oxygen Sensor Emulators used when installing a programmer/Fuel Tuner and you want to bypass the O2 sensor of your Victory Motorcycle.

These plug into your wiring harness instead of your O2 sensors. On the earlier Victory models you could just unplug your O2 sensors and not cause the check engine light to come on or a service code. Now with the 2016 and up, Victory changed the O2 sensor and if you just unplug them, the ECU throws a code. These plugs remedy that issue with no wires cut.

Sold as a Pair of O2 Sensor Emulators specifically for the 2016-2017 Victory Motorcycles

Oxygen Sensor Emulators

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