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Equip your bike with the best! Barnett High Efficiency cables can reduce lever effort up to 40%! Cables are ultra smooth-working, long-lasting and made with the finest stainless steel wire rope, nylon, and Teflon on HDPE lined casings making them virtually indestructible. Barnett Stainless Steel cables with clear coating offer that custom look without the fear of damaging areas that the cables come in contact with. Also the clear coat is guaranteed not to yellow with age. Barnett Classic Black vinyl cables offer the same great construction as the stainless steel cables but they match the stock cable color. All Barnett cables are American made .



  • Victory Boardwalk 2013-2015
  • Victory Gunner 2015-2017
  • Victory Hammer, Hammer S, Hammer 8 Ball 2008-2017
  • Victory Highball 2012-2017
  • Victory Jackpot, Jackpot Ness 2008-2016
  • Victory Judge 2013-2017
  • Victory Kingpin, Kingpin Tour, Kingpin 8, Ball Kingpin Low 2008-2012
  • Victory Vegas, Vegas 8 Ball, Vegas Low, Vegas Ness 2008-2017


This fitment information is provided to you based on the manufacturer's information. Consult manufacturer publication(s) and/or website(s) for specific fitment and other important application information. This fitment information is based upon the stock version of the motorcycle or unit referenced and any accessory added or other modification could invalidate the information provided.

+6" Throttle Pull Cable (Steel Frame Bikes)

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